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A Styku 3D fat scanner measures your body composition, tracks changes in your body, aids in weight loss, and builds fitness and health goals.

Using the Styku 3D scanner as a body fat scale, people can visualize where they stand regarding their health and wellness. More than 600 infrared images are used to record millions of data points during a quick scan.

A 3D model of the body is then created using the intelligent Styku software. Using this model, professionals can obtain hyper-accurate measurements and view body composition in greater detail while speaking to individuals both numerically and visually.

SOSA Medical Aesthetics in Tampa, FL, uses the Styku 3D scanner to assist clients in achieving optimal health. The scan measurements provide us with the information we need to create personalized goals that lead to greater health, vitality, and well-being for the patient.


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Multiple scans are recommended for tracking progress and changes in measurements, body composition, and weight distribution. Styku scanners allow multiple scans to be layered on top of one another to better track improvements.

During a scan, the Styku creates a 3D image of the entire body using more than 600 infrared images. As a result, each part of the body can be assessed.

A 3D body fat scan has many applications in the health and fitness arena, as well as minimizing the margin of error associated with a standard tape measure. Compared to measuring by hand, Styku is 76% more accurate. Data from the 3D scan can also be used to track progress, view improvement, and understand body composition.

Styku’s 3D body fat scanner collects millions of data points immediately uploaded to its multiplatform software. Using this software, our health and wellness team can obtain measurements, view 3D models, view body composition, and assess fitness and health.

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