FDA-approved BTL EMTone reduces the appearance of cellulite dimples by simultaneously emitting radio frequency and targeted pressure energy. Combining them creates a synergistic effect neither technology can create alone.

With EMTone, the five causes of cellulite dimples are addressed: loss of elasticity from deteriorating elastin and collagen fibers, enlarged fat chambers, metabolic waste retention, poor blood circulation, and fibrous bands that pull down the skin, making the fat bulge. EMTone can be used both on the lower and upper body. Skin laxity and cellulite in the buttocks, thighs, and knees are treated with bulk heating, producing collagen growth and tightening skin. Using a radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy combination, EMTone can treat upper arm skin laxity as well.

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People in their 30s or 50s usually benefit from EMTone since it improves skin elasticity. Treatment is more likely to be successful for patients with relatively high skin elasticity levels. The effectiveness of EMTone may be greater in younger patients. Patients with poor skin texture may require more treatments or see less impressive results after a procedure. EMTone may be right for you if you want to tighten your skin without surgery or reduce stubborn fat.

One treatment usually results in noticeable improvements in the treated areas. Over the course of a few months, results usually continue to improve.

The results of EMTone are not permanent, and we recommend having periodic maintenance treatments. Touch-up sessions are typically scheduled every 3-12 months, although the frequency depends on the patient.

No downtime is required after EMTone’s cellulite and skin tightening treatments. For a few minutes after treatment, the skin feels warm or pink.

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