About Us

SOSA Medical Aesthetics Concierge Medicine in Tampa focuses on the overall health and wellness of the body. With a unique lifestyle medicine approach and attention to whole-body wellness, SOSA Medical Aesthetics combines treating, preventing, and potentially reversing chronic diseases through the use of personalized advanced diagnostic testing, guidance of optimal nutrition, exercise prescription, and stress and sleep management.


In addition to an advanced medical weight loss management system and the passion for primary care, SOSA Medical Aesthetics offers medical aesthetic treatment options including dermal fillers, neuromodulators, EmFace, EmSculpt NEO, Styku 3D, and more as enhancing your natural appearance parallels with treating overall wellness through primary care  medicine. By focusing on both the treatment and prevention of chronic illness and non-surgical medical aesthetics procedures, SOSA Medical Aesthetics customizes a treatment plan to treat the whole patient from the inside out to achieve overall health and welnness goals.


Transparent Pricing

Simple pricing structures and comprehensive membership plans


Unlimited visits, minimal wait times, secure messaging, and virtual telemedicine visits

Be Heard

Extended, no-rush visits that range from 30-60+ minutes based on your needs

Holistic Approach

In-depth counseling and treatment of chronic diseases with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition and disease reversal

Sustainable Changes

We encourage taking small steps over time to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime

Improved Outcomes

Creating and implementing plans that address the root causes of disease

Meet Lena B


Lena Bredikhina is the founder of Eastside Aesthetics by Lena. Lena’s nursing career began in 2001 when she graduated Summa Cum Laude from WSU. She moved to Seattle, where she worked as a medical-surgical RN for fifteen years while completing her Master’s in Nursing degree at the University of Washington. She’s board-certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years of primary care experience specializing in aesthetics. Lena loves to produce natural, transformative results without surgery & much downtime. Eastside Aesthetics by Lena is the culmination of hard work, perseverance, and a dream several years in the making. Lena is fluent in English and Russian.

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