Medical Weight Loss: What is it and Why Does it Work?

Medical Weight Loss What is it and Why Does it Work

Losing weight can be challenging; sometimes, eating right and working out may not be enough to get you where you want to be. That’s where medical weight loss solutions come in. Medical weight loss programs help people lose weight safely and effectively while being watched.

Today, SOSA Medical Aesthetics will help you discover more about Medical Weight Loss and why you should try it before it’s too late! Keep reading this post.

About Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is when you work with a healthcare provider to make a plan for losing weight that fits your needs and goals. The program may include a mix of changes to your diet, exercise, behavioral counseling, and medication.

Why Does It Work?

Medical weight loss is effective because it looks at weight loss. Its focuses on more than just diet and exercise. Instead, they look at the real reasons people gain weight, like hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, or metabolic disorders. 

Medical weight loss programs can help people lose weight and keep it off by addressing these underlying problems. If you’re interested in this treatment, here are other benefits you must know. 

  • Personalization: Medical weight loss programs are made to fit the needs and goals of each person. This personalized approach helps ensure you get the best treatment for your needs.
  • Cared by Experts: Medical professionals supervise medical weight loss programs overseen by licensed medical professionals, like doctors or nurse practitioners, who know how to make a safe and effective weight loss plan.
  • Addresses underlying health problems: Medical weight loss programs can help find and treat underlying health problems like hormonal imbalances or metabolic disorders that may be causing weight gain.

Because medical weight loss programs deal with the real reasons people gain weight, the results tend to last longer than those of traditional diet and exercise programs.

Medical Weight Loss in Tampa

With the latest FDA-approved injectable prescription peptide for weight management, you can control your cravings and eat less to lose weight here at SOSA Medical Aesthetics. 

Our Semaglutide Treatment

Semaglutide, sold under the brand names Wegovy and Ozempic, is a GLP-1 analog. GLP-1 is a hormone that is made in the small intestine. It causes insulin to be released and stops glucagon from being released, which lowers blood sugar. Studies show that Semaglutide reduces hunger, makes it easier to control how much you eat, and makes you want to eat less. It also makes it easier to manage your blood sugar.

What To Expect?

At 68 weeks, adults who were overweight or obese and took Semaglutide once a week lost 14.9% of their body weight. In the same study, almost 70% of people who took Semaglutide lost at least 10% of their starting weight, and 32% lost at least 20%.

SOSA Medical Aesthetics Monthly Subscription

Try our monthly subscription to get the best and ideal results for your weight and wellness. But what can you rely on with this project? Here’s the following: 

  • Complete, all-around weight loss program for only $600 per month (even with insurance, it can cost up to $1,500 per month).
  • Semaglutide medicine comes with all injection supplies and is sent out based on each person’s dose and refill needs.
  • Our Core Concierge Primary Care Medicine Membership is included. You can talk to Dr. Sosa as much as possible through secure text messages, telemedicine, or in-office visits.
  • A thorough initial lifestyle assessment with recommendations for improving your health
  • The home/work, concierge lab draw is part of a full lab panel. Labs done by another provider within the last six months can be used first.
  • One box of the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet 5-Day Meal Program to get you started on your journey.
  • One EMSculpt NEO Body Sculpting Package that doesn’t hurt you is now included, and you can get extra packages for 50% off. (There are four sessions in one package.) Must meet the criteria for screening.
  • Take note that you be enrolled with the problem for three months to ensure the best results. 

Is a Medical Weight Loss Program Worth It?

People who haven’t been able to lose weight through diet and exercise alone may want to try 

medical weight loss. Even though it may be a more structured and intensive way to lose weight, it can have significant benefits.

One of the best things about medical weight loss is that it is tailored to each person. Again, Medical weight loss programs are made to consider each person’s health history, body shape, and weight loss goals. 

This personalized approach makes the program more likely to be tailored to your needs and help you get the desired results. It can also give people who worry about the safety or effectiveness of weight loss programs that aren’t supervised by a doctor peace of mind.

You can quickly deal with health problems like hormonal imbalances or metabolic disorders that may be causing weight gain. By dealing with these underlying problems, medical weight loss programs can help people lose weight in a way that lasts, which may not be possible with just diet and exercise.

Why SOSA Medical Aesthetics

SOSA Medical Aesthetics is the place to go if you need a trusted provider to help you lose weight with medicine. Our team of licensed medical professionals works hard to help our clients lose weight safely and healthily.

Our program helps you reach your weight loss goals by advising you on what to eat, how to exercise, and how to take your medications. At SOSA Medical Aesthetics, losing weight is about more than just losing weight. 

It’s also about improving your health and wellness as a whole. Because of this, we use a whole-person approach to weight loss that focuses on fixing underlying health problems and making you feel better overall.

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